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An Idea Is Born

The third self-care workshop provided for the dance teachers at Exim Dance. Laura Nightingale is the Director of Exim Dance in Plymouth. These sessions support her staff to take care of themselves and each other as a team.

Within the workshops I initiate a guided visual meditation and reiki support. The group are able to process their experience of the making of their art and the symbolism for them at the end of the session. This brings them together as a team without any obligation to be or do anything other than rest at play with each other. 

First workshop at Quaker House

Holding the session outside of the workplace offers space to separate work from rest. 

Please contact me for more information regarding holding team workshops. 

Up to 4 participants £150 including a broad range of quality art and assemblage materials. Each session lasts 2 hours. CPD certificate given. 

Beautiful inspiring materials supplied

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The Journey

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Sat 4th December 2021

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£20 including creative materials 

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