Additional support therapies 

Sometimes words are enough, but at other times when something is just too difficult to express, the healing or understanding comes in another form: through creative, visual, sensory and sound activities, such as breathwork, which activate the mind and body giving rise to the areas words alone cannot reach, expressed through mark making, sculpture, painting, sand tray, guided visual meditation, journaling, collage, or use of sound recordings or playing an instrument.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Mind, Soma-body, Emotions, Soul

Psycho-education, (Mind) Gestalt,(Soma-body) Transpersonal, (Soul) Client-centred (Emotions)

Art Therapy

Tailored to meet therapeutic needs

Soul Therapy Voyaging

A blend of guided visual meditations, art and  journaling

Client comments

Thank you for an incredible experience. Can't begin to put it into words

Josie / Jan 2018

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Bereavement Healing Session

Session Fees 

Counselling and Psychotherapy

£45 - £55

per hour 

1 hr session

Face to face or online

Higher price (£55) is for clients with a clinical diagnosis i.e bpd, ptsd or severe depression.


Sliding scale for online therapy if you are on a low income or retired or are a student.

Please do inquire. 

There is currently one space left (November 21) as I am only able to accept up to four clients at any time on a reduced rate.


Creative Healing Therapy Session


1.5 hrs

1.5 hr session

Sessions are tailored to suit and may include working with objects /sounds /art/meditations/guided imagery