Soul at Heart Counselling is a Sole Trader Business, attached to a Professional Ethical Membership and holder of Professional Indemnity Insurance.  All information held is accountable to one person, Lorraine Anderson, MBACP, who is not associated with any other company in any shape or form or pseudonym via websites or any other form of communication or storage means,  to obtain data on behalf of. Lorraine Anderson will not divulge any of your personal details to any other persons or companies.

Please do not put highly personal information through the contact webpage, as I am unable to monitor exchanges between servers. This site is hosted by Vistaprint who will also be governed by the new laws.


New Data Protection Laws

How long can personal data be stored under the Data Protection Act?

 Personal data processed for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes.

This is the fifth data protection principle.

Notice to clients of the intent of limit to retain personal information with regards to new data protection laws

Confidentiality of personal records, data collected and what is held for limited periods of time with Soul at Heart Counselling.

This is to inform clients that I take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. As a member of the BACP I am not permitted to even express confirmation or denial as to whether a particular person is having counselling, nor inform anyone seeking information from me through any organisation about any clients of mine who have previously had or are still having counselling. Their questions will not be answered.

 we have a 'Right to be forgotten as well as a Right to privacy'

This clause is binding and has always existed, outside of the new GDPR as it is an expected Code of Conduct for membership of the counselling and psychotherapeutic professions.

What I do with your information

When clients have ceased having counselling, due to the new law, I will now have to seek consent and clarity as to whether the client would like me to keep their email and phone number or delete it instead.

Phone numbers presently held on my phone when clients are active, are encoded to prevent possible misuse by apps, and if requested will be deleted when sessions have ended. Some of my written notes are stored on Word on a personal laptop, and not to 'The Cloud' . Retention of notes is for professional reasons, to contribute to the development of the counselling and mental health professions enabling me to widen and contribute understanding of the benefits or pitfalls of therapeutic work, also for regular personal reflection on interventions used in session work, to demonstrate competency, and in some cases for the purpose of holding Professional Indemnity Insurance. Client codes are used to maintain client anonymity and to which I am the only person who has access to the material.

Other than this I do not do anything with the data, it is private, not for sale or rent, and not connected to free services or any form of marketing. 

When we communicate through servers, using emails or texts it is up to your discretion as to how much content you reveal in this particular format. I would not be held accountable for misappropriation of content that was accessed from a breach in an internet server, nor for what is voluntarily written. I hold text messages for short periods of time, such as to confirm appointment dates, after which they are deleted.

I also hold a paper diary, I use a mix of first names, initials or number code to record agreed session appointments.

If you have any further questions about this, please do feel free to ask. If there is anything additional you wanted to know to ensure your privacy is kept private or to be deleted earlier than the one year review, please ask and I will ensure it is dealt with.

This content will be subject to regular review to keep updated with the new laws as they arise. As a small business, my obligation to you is to demonstrate due care, responsibility and attention to clients requests for any additional layers of privacy.

Proprietor: Lorraine Anderson