Lorraine Anderson: Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

As a Transpersonal, Psychosynthesis and Psychospiritually informed Counsellor and Psychotherapist, my work is influenced by an interest in spiritual and mystical esoteric wisdom teachings, particularly Eastern practices and their value and place in therapy today. Through the inner work of Buddha, Jung and James Hill, among others, my work explores the archetypes, sub-personalities and symbols, rituals and the observations of an enduring shared philosophy of the human soul and its condition; what supports us and that which injures us are largely unchanged since the beginning of our human evolution. I appreciate religious and secular art, poetry, and meditative practices, the evolution of societal change and again the same unchanging human need to seek an inner life, to be listened to with compassion and supported when needed but not possessed by the listener or held captive within an idealogy of doctrine or religious restrictions.

Religion, Ritual and Ancestor Worship or seeking a personal Spiritual Mentor were the first forms of therapy.

 Through further training and personal inquiry, I continuously integrate the study, skills development and researching of methods and the models of practice within Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, meditation in various forms, soul work, somatic-body-awareness, spirituality and faith. This multi-layered approach embraces practical life needs and relationships, with a need to express ourselves from an 'authentic' place which is frequently out of alignment with socially constructed demands put on us. The Transpersonal and the psycho-spiritual incorporate all aspects of the psyche. I utilise these subtle and inwardly dynamic modes to support how I work with another's self-care, how the client learns to regulate and manage their emotions, take charge of their life and their healing.

Over time this enables clients to experience self-empowerment, to emerge free from confusion, alleviated from the pain of memories, with a sense of inner space and peace to release the potentiality for personal growth. And if desired, take up, or continue on a path towards spiritual maturity. Therapy gradually increases your personal self-awareness, whilst clearing emotional debris from the inside out.  This journey has led me ever closer to my own deepening spiritual awareness and awakening. Providing a secure daily foundation for living and for allowing myself to be a human being in charge of and responsible for, in a positive way my personal choices and responses to life, regardless of what life throws up, with all its foibles and unpredictableness, whilst also appreciating the value and necessity of the ordinariness of everyday life, which can be enhanced in a moment, by inner will and vision. Useable techniques which you will learn in therapy, transforming how life can be experienced when you stop to take a moment to really explore your personal inner life, its outward manifestation and learn how to awaken personal vision.

 I support a Unitarian approach to religion and spirituality, freely and without apology embracing different paths and the values each brings, connected by roots set in ancient wisdom from Buddhism, Christian mysticism to the profound writings of Rumi and the Sufi tradition of mysticism and much in between. Knowledge of the human condition that we experience across continents, articulated to us through the ages in the forms of stories, fables and metaphor, through the voices of prophets, sages, writers, musicians, artists and poets. These special people were in effect the first therapists, we collectively share and have a natural inclination with all humanity towards leaning into an experience which can soothe us after a days toil, or a relationship difficulty or any form of complex struggle, loss, sadness, anger., anxiousness. Counselling can support you to find your true voice, and connect you with your true feelings, particularly in an age that talks without having said very much, and that does not know how to listen.

Last word

Psychotherapy is a form of personal work that requires a degree of commitment. The work you start in counselling may lead to a much longer and more intriguing journey after the therapy has ceased. Learning to know more of yourself is an important step, as it leads you to understand life outside of yourself, your own perceptions and to compassionately accept others, within healthy boundaries, that allow you to say no or yes according to your own inner compass without guilt or shame and bear situations which are sometimes harder to be free from at certain times. It will teach you through the therapeutic relationship to be able to communicate at a deeper level, especially with those who do not understand you and are the cause of much frustration. This includes acknowledging the parts of you that you may not have quite accepted in yourself yet. The personal gain and rewards for the return of this form of service I cannot put a price on and it knows no limit for each individual.

Truth frees us in the end and it frees those in our lives also. The opposite of truth is Illusion and suffering, and it will hold you, ever a prisoner of the misconstrued illusion of fate.

MBACP reg: CPCAB Dip in Psychotherapeutic Counselling / Spirituality Division

Full professional indemnity insurance, holding a regulated professional membership