Most recent first: 

L5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (CPCAB) (Adv, Accred) (Transpersonal Psychotherapy)

Devon and Cornwall Counselling Hub. Mark Hartshorn. Specialist training in Developmental trauma in childhood. Client-Centered, Relational, Psycho-Spiritual, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Transpersonal. Integrative Model: mind, soma-body, spirit and emotions.

2. 2017 L4 Diploma in Therapeutic and Mindfulness Counselling (CPCAB)

Lotus Training / Humanistic therapies: Person Centred, Mindfulness, Transpersonal / Crownhill Fort. Plymouth

3. 2013 L3 Certificate and Diploma in Integrative Counselling Skills (ABC Awards)

Heartwood / Integrative Training- Person Centred, CBT, Transpersonal and Gestalt/ 

Dartington, Totnes. 

4. 2011 L2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (CPCAB)

Achievement Training / Person-centred 

5. 2010 Award in Counselling Young People

Achievement Training / Child-centred

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Continuous Professional Development 2017/2018/2019/2020

Jungian Sandplay Therapy: Nautillus Rooms. Totnes with Ruth Baker.

Conductor training - Sufi Order UK Following the teachings of the Spiritual Mystic Hazrat Inyat Khan

Completion of a seven month course in distant healing. Sufi Order UK.

Reiki, Art Making, Meditation Workshops at Quaker House. 

CONFER: Sudden and Unexpected Loss in the light of the pandemic

Integrating Artwork in Counselling.

Therapist Burnout and Vicarious Trauma

Couples Counselling Training / with SJ Mason - Relate Counsellor and Trainer

L5 Psychotherapy studying childhood trauma. (2020)

Open University/Philosophy, Psychology, Art and English Literature (2019 /2020 ongoing)

Psychosynthesis-subpersonality work/Sweet-Track-Glastonbury (2020)

Autism Awareness, ADHD Awareness, and Dyslexia Awareness / Educare Training (2019)

•Suicide and risk training /Educare

Transpersonal Studies / Alef Trust  (2017)

Understanding alternative states of consciousness (ongoing)

Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis Course

• Self-harming 

• Safeguarding in Further Education

• Prevent Training 

• Child protection and Safeguarding

/Vulnerable Adults Workshop 

 L3 Child protection

• Minded - Counselling in Universities and Colleges - (BACP) 

Working with Creative Tools in Counselling 

   Rudolph Steiner studies 

   Art Therapy / Sand tray Therapy

• Suicide Risk Assessment and Interventions 

• Domestic Abuse Training 

• Understanding People on the Autism Spectrum 

• Anger and rage training 

 Working with Shame 

• Complications of Bereavement / Love and Loss / Traumatic Loss 

Voluntary Work

IHUK Sufi Order: Officer and Treasurer (2021 ongoing)

Xenzone/Kooth Online / Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner



Associate Volunteer 

Children and young people, community and school settings


Simply Counselling. Not for profit counselling agency.  One to one counselling.

2011 - 2013 Tor Bridge High School / Art assistant and families' workshop assistant to the teacher, supporting delivery of crafts sessions, age group 9-15 years.

Youth Offending Services

2009 - 2011 - SIP Secondary Inclusion Placement / Working with children temporarily excluded from school. Devising art therapy sessions and exploring identity.

Appropriate Adult, support for young people in custody

Community Panel Member, restorative justice programme

Professional Membership MBACP

Registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Pyschotherapists: Registration number: 279616 Lorraine Anderson


IHUK Sufi Healing Order of the UK




Spirituality Membership Division

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Lorraine Anderson

British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Bacp web link

Latest News Covid-19

In-Person sessions are now allowed. Which I am holding at Quaker House Mutely Plain, Plymouth on Mondays. 

I am now offering online sessions for counselling. You will need Zoom or Vsee. I do not work with Skype as there have been issues with privacy. 


Janina Fischer, trauma therapist

Babette Rothschild (somatic-focused therapy, dual awareness, nervous system, anxiety and panic disorder)

Judith Herman

James Hollis

Thomas Moore

Carl Jung

James Hillman

Robert Bly (poet) especially for men


Petruska Clarkson

Joseph Campbell


Dr Sayed Hossein Nasr


Ester Perel 

Gottman Institute

Inayattia Healing order UK

Charles , L. Whitfield





 Therapeutic fun projects

Something to do at home therapeutically can be collecting magazines and second hand mass produced books with images you would be happy to tear out.  Take a sheet of heavy paper or card, perhaps some packaging board you can recycle for this activity. Choose a theme for your visualisation board. It could be about: things to look forward to, things that are just beautiful and speak to your soul, colours, art, textures. Give the project a purpose and attach a meaning to it, this is important as it will the access the part of your psyche which does not speak in words but will express itself through the images you choose, things you did not realise you needed to know or feel or do. Let it activate you into taking affirmative action in your life. Keep the image when its finished somewhere you can see it often and let it speak to you 

The environment inside of you

This is as much about your internal world as the outside. Are you looking after your mind, with good nourishing thoughts? Are you recycling the tired worn out stuff that is heavy, laden with pointlessness? Recycling and throwing out the unusable in our psyche and having a good clear out is the road to health. So let the sun in and darkness out. Don't be a mentalised hoarder of yours or anyone else's 'rubbish'. Look after your own inner environment. What, who or how, does life or thinking habits pollute you?