When my life took an unexpected and tragic turn I felt completely lost with no clear direction for my future. I was fortunate to meet Lorraine with whom I have now worked with for some months. Her counselling is undertaken within a safe environment, is professional, compassionate and can become self revealing. I will be for ever thankful for her help and for the healing qualities of her support and guidance.



Added 11/10/2018

I have now been working with Lorraine for over a year, to deal with emotional trauma brought about by my wife's terminal illness. Her guidance has enabled me to heal and regenerate a positive outlook for my future.  I am now working with her in the area of meditation and am already beginning to find my inner-self. This is truly a new experience in my life and again with Lorraine's guidance this is developing into a wonderful journey. 

Colin 09/10/2018


Retired Professional

To Lorraine, thank you so much for helping me over the past six weeks. I can't tell you how much it has helped me. I really feel like we got to know each other, I know I can always talk to you in the future. Thanks to you I've grown in confidence and learnt how to deal with situations I couldn't before.

Love from Sadie

(name changed as this was written by a young person age 15) 2017


School Student

Lorraine thank you so much....for helping me to find my true calling and guiding me on my steps on my spiritual journey...I cherish our session. 

Sarah 2018



It is by far the best help I have ever received. I have had many things throughout my life happen and only till I discovered Lorraine have I started to work through and conquer things I never have. The support and comfort is fantastic and feels like a friend and family all wrapped into one. Having somewhere to go to, a safe place if you like, makes so much difference to my life knowing that when I need it, I always have someone to turn to. Having Lorraine let's me know I'm never alone and that there is hope, but you must receive the right support when wanting to change things and I have definitely found that. If you are considering it please do it'll be the best thing you ever do. Highly recommend for so many reasons I couldn't even begin to write.

(This review was placed on Bark, 18/05/2019) 

Aimee-Lee Reddicliffe


Thank you so much for your help I really understand now that I can challenge my thoughts. I don't have to do what they say or listen to them all the time. I did not know that before. May 2019

School Student. Tilly (name changed)

I came with the hope and yet some doubt that I could explore my shadow side.  The process of our work began from the first week, I still did not know where I would or could go, but with your presence which always felt safe and holding I am now clear of a childhood memory, and understand what it was about. It has taken three months so far. This work has been worth its weight in gold to me. Thank you. (September 2019)

Client 2019. Name withheld to protect confidentiality.

Sometimes I enjoy the sessions and get something I need from it, and at other times I don't. Lorraine was right though, when I am feeling a bit angry, frustrated or stuck it is part of the process. She is more patient than me that's for sure.


It can take less time to resolve the past than it took to put the pain in there in the first place. Although that is not to say it is super quick, that's just ridiculous. Give yourself a chance, the cost of therapy is paid back many times over in peace, joy, vitality, personal control, maybe a new job, or a pay rise or a better relationship. These may sound like the usual phrases, but that is because there is no clearer way to say it as it is. 

Lorraine, therapist

I would like to write a review for Lorraine's counselling practice as her colleague. I have known Lorraine since 2014 when we started our counselling diploma together and found her a warm-hearted and caring person. Lorraine's strength lay in her patience and attentive listening. She is a kind and compassionate person and I am confident to recommend her for referrals. (Sept 2019)

Magda Janaszek

Private Practice Counsellor

Solace, friendship, kindness and comfort come in many forms for mankind, be that a friend an animal or a creature.