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Students training as counsellors

30 October 2020

For students training as counsellors I offer a sliding payment scale upon request. I am recommended as a counsellor for students by the Devon and Cornwall Counselling Hub, Director Mark Hartshorn; V. Learning students and students of Iron Mill. As an Integrative Counsellor I provide counselling in the manner which your training is delivered. Whether that is Person Centered, taught at V Learning, the Connections Model at the D and C Counselling Hub or Integrative Therapy, informed by the work of Petruska Clarkson at Iron Mill in Exeter.

For students in further or higher education I offer a sliding scale for those committed to eight sessions of therapy, online only. Please contact me to express your interest and for details.

counselling in person sessions and covid


30 October 2020

For those who wish to have face to face counselling I offer this at the Plymouth Natural Health and Healing Center. The rooms are spacious, allowing for 2 m space and have good ventilation.  Rooms are cleaned between sessions. I will be introducing a temperature test upon arrival and the option of wearing a clear visor. Hand wipes are provided as needed. PLEASE NOTE: CURRENTLY I CAN ONLY OFFER SATURDAYS EVERY TWO WEEKS. Contact me for further details or to book.

15 January 2020